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     The B-21 name returned in 1962 to a newly constructed store in Dunedin. Mark Jr. then began to expand and open more stores, all of which except the present location-- Tarpon Springs, 1966 -- were later sold in the 70s. Mark Jr.’s family moved to Tarpon Springs as its store became the focus. The second generation was hard at work when the Tarpon Springs business plan was dealt an impediment to its continued progress: on the afternoon of December 17th, 1968 the Anclote River bridge located at the south end of the B-21 property collapsed. Traffic on this segment of US 19 would be diverted to Alternate 19 and drastically compromised customer access. Remarkably, business quickly recovered. Warehouse and offices were  planned to become centralized and create more buying power.

"Killer" Joe Piro demonstrating the mule dance.

1964    Crown Royal, the premium Canadian Whisky created in 1939 and produced in honor King George VI and Queen Elizabeth royal tour of Canada, is introduced to the U.S. market.

1966    Smirnoff Vodka hired famed dance instructor "Killer" Joe Piro to create a new dance called "The Mule" for their drink of the same name (vodka with a 7-Up mixer) and to release an album of music that included a track with the same name. The the track didn't include calls to help people dance the mule; instead, the singers tell you how to fix yourself the drink!

1968    Robert Mondavi introduces the term Fume Blanc to wine labels to market the winery's oak aged Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

1940s     1950s     1960s     1970s    1980s     1990s-Present


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