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   As business boomed, time became a precious commodity as the couple literally rocked around the clock. Something had to give. During the summer of 1950, 16 year old Mark Jr. took a trip to Florida riding his war time production Harley-Davidson. He would soon return with the rest of the family. By 1951 the family planned to move to Florida. It was so long to Chrysler and good-by Detroit. The B-21 was sold and early retirement was possible. As many have done since (there were less than three million people in Florida in 1952) the family packed up and settled in Dunedin, Florida. It wasn’t long before the A&M Package Store (pictured) on Main St. in Dunedin was purchased. It is now the location of the Pan Y Vino Wine Bar. Later land was purchased on Alternate 19 in downtown Dunedin and the A&M was moved to this location. By this time both Mark Jr. and his brother Ron were working full time with Mom and Pop.

1954  From an estimated 40,000 cases sold in 1950, the vodka category increased to somewhere around 1.1 million cases sold in 1954; sales increased over fourfold the following year.

1958  The Seagram Building, a skyscraper commissioned by the drinks giant Seagram's, is finished and opened in New York City at 375 Park Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets. Designed by German architect Mies van der Rohe in collaboration with American Philip Johnson, the building is 538 feet tall with 38 stories and considered to be a masterpiece of corporate modernism.

Pictured right:  Mark A. Frassrand, Jr. at the A&M

1940s     1950s     1960s     1970s    1980s     1990s-Present


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