St. Bernardus Prior 8 Belgian Abbey Ale 4pk

Dubbel from Watou, West Flanders, Belgium


Like its flavor profile, Prior 8’s aroma is complex: The nose is full of surprises like caramel, bread crust, red apple and plum—and more, if you just keep sniffing. Equally, each creamy sip offers the taste buds something new. Sweet dark cherry finds a spicy counterpoint in sharp black pepper, while a wash of bready malts envelops bubblegum flavors; subtle earthy hops punctuate these malty, yeasty notes as the beer washes back. Although the beer would benefit from a firm dose of classic nutty and bread crust flavors, its sweet and spice interplay is still captivating.

92 points, Draft Magazine

Good foaming action from a very active carbonation at the start. The lace stays as long as the beer is there with some clinging activity. Creamy aroma of a cream soda, very faint buttery diacetyl, solvent alcohol and some dark fruit to mix things up. Big and flexing malt presence, a real mellow twang and bready grain ride upfront. Carob and chicory come from the dark malts, residual dextrin trickle down the taste buds with a nutty almond like flavour. Light on the hops but a rounded phenolic flavour helps to balance. Slightly sweet finish with a growth of alcohol warmth in the end. Plush smoothness rolls around in the mouth and the perfect level of carbonation rushes through. A tasty little brown brew that has more punch than it shows. Well worth the try and if you like sweet dark brews this is a must.

90 points, BeerAdvocate (Jan 2003)

Alcohol By Volume: 8.0%
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