Orval Trappist Ale

Belgian Pale Ale from Florenville, Wallonia, Belgium


Hints of juniper, lemon and flowers. Smooth and crisp with a lightish body though the mouth feel appears to be full up front. Touch of lemon rind with a fresh cut hay flavour, hop bitterness makes a snappy bite. Horse blanket and other medicinal phenols over take the tongue for a bit also. Tart from start to finish with hints of cider and other tart fruits. The finish seems to be everlasting in its dryness. The sheer complexity of this fine ale is mind boggling ... one of the originals. This brew is all old school ... dating back to the 1100's. If you are into Belgian ales this will be a sure treat. Some soft cheese and dark rye makes a perfect pairing.

100 points, BeerAdvocate (Feb 2002)

This beer is steeped in folklore, from the symbolic fish-and-ring label to its cult status around the world. Make no doubt; this beer lives up to its reputation. It pours pale orange with a big, pillowy white head. The tantalizing aroma sings to the nose with candy-sweet overtones and slightly tart notes. Its flavor is pure refreshment with bready, honey-lemon sweetness up front that invigorates the palate and clears the way for the beer’s slightly sour finish. Hops are clearly understated, but lend soft lemon and cracked pepper flavors and low bitterness. With its light body, effervescent carbonation, and clean, dry finish, each swallow is a whole and wonderful experience.

98 points, Draft Magazine

Alcohol By Volume: 6.9%
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