Jagermeister Scharf Hot Ginger (750ml)

From Wolfenbuttel, Lower Saxony, Germany

Our aspiration: to never be mediocre. Every day, we aim to live up to the one true benchmark created by Curt Mast over 80 years ago. Driven by curiosity, we set out to develop a spirit as genuinely groundbreaking as the original Jägermeister. The result: Jägermeister Scharf, the ice cold hot shot. With this hot ginger variation, never before has a shot so hot been this freezing cold. -18 °C to be precise. A true character: the new Jägermeister Scharf. With a recipe based on the 80-year-old original created by Curt Mast, it follows the same simple principle: no compromises. Its intense kick of hot ginger isn’t for everyone, can you handle the heat?

Distillery Notes

Alcohol By Volume: 33.0% (66 Proof)
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