Cigar City Mixed Pack Variety 12pk Cans

From Tampa, Florida

What better way to sample the variety of flavors of The Sunshine State than with the Cigar City Brewing Mixed 12-Pack? Much like Florida, the Cigar City Brewing Mixed 12-Pack has something for every beer lover: the bold hop flavor and subtle caramel notes of Jai Alai IPA, the bold, hoppy flavors of Florida Man Double IPA, and the bright, citrusy flavors of Guayabera Citra Pale Ale. Additionally, the third iteration of the Mixed 12-Pack features one of the newest members of the Jai Alai IPA family: Jai Low IPA. Tropical and bright with a full palate of flavor and a potency designed with moderation in mind, Jai Low IPA lowers the intensity of a typical India Pale Ale while maintaining the highest quality and hop flavor possible.

Brewery Notes

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