Ivanabitch Red Berry Vodka (1.75L)

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Once, while strolling through the forests of Holland and pulling on his flask, Dmitri Ivanabitch fell headlong into a red berry bush which was prized for its succulently sweet orbs. Scraped and cut, he used his flask of Ivanabitch Vodka to clean his wounds.

When his screams died down, Dmitri noticed that the fragrance of the berries—combined with his prized vodka—was an intoxicating mixture. Determined to recreate the experience (minus the writhing on the ground in agony part), he rushed home with a pocketful of the berries and developed his new recipe: Red Berry Flavored Vodka.

Now you can enjoy the clean smooth taste of award-winning Ivanabitch Vodka infused with the sweet taste of berries just as Dmitri did, only without all the tears.

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