Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony Blended Whisky (750ml)
From Hokuto, Yamanashi, Japan

91WE Top 100 90WHA

The newest blended whisky offering from Hibiki is burnished gold in the glass and has a bold aroma that mixes vanilla, fresh pear and a hint of smoke. The smokiness comes forward at the first sip, wrapping around a core of oak and vanilla custard and finishing long, with a mouthwatering bitter chocolate note.

91 points, Wine Enthusiast (Mar 2016)

Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Spirit of 2016

Poised and complex, with typically lifted fruitiness: strawberry ice cream, pineapple, peach, balanced by delicate oak, bamboo shoot-like delicacy, then lemon. The palate is more rounded than that very forward nose, with toffee notes adding some weight. A touch of smoke comes along in the mid-palate, before fruits and caramelized coffee biscuits. Water allows the flavors to flood the palate. Exemplary blending skills and classically Hibiki.

90 points, Whisky Advocate (Winter 2015)


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Suntory Hakushu 18yr Blended Whiskey (750ml)
From Hokuto, Yamanashi, Japan


Unlike their colleagues in Scotland, Japanese distillers do not exchange stock for their blending requirements. This means that each distillery is set up to produce a wide range of styles. Hakushu uses four different types of malt (unpeated to heavy) run through four pairs of differently-shaped stills. Each single malt is a different blend of these bases. While still herbal, this example shows more sherried notes along with sour orange zest, tropical fruit, and some smoke. Complex.

90 points, Whisky Advocate (Spring 2012)


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Suntory Whisky Toki (750ml)
From Shimamoto, Osaka, Japan


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