Genesee Cream Ale 12pk Cans
Cream Ale from Rochester, New York


Genesse has been so successful throughout its 129 years of brewing that most fans of this classic American ale have no idea they're even drinking a style that varies significantly from the light American lager. Sure, the two styles taste similar, but the use of ale yeast is a significant change from the use of lager yeast, which makes for a fruitier and minutely more robust brew than its lager cousins. The aroma started out with the slightest hint of hops, and, on the tongue, a simple adjunct flavor accompanied by a mild fruit flavor made for a pleasant, refreshing experience. With a body this light and rounded it's hard to dislike this brew.

88 points, Draft Magazine

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Kona Big Wave 6pk
American Blonde Ale from Kailua, Hawaii


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Mississippi Mud 32oz
Black & Tan from Gulfport, Mississippi


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Pair O' Dice Hop Bet Red IPA 6pk
American Amber / Red Ale from Clearwater, Florida


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Shock Top 6pk
Witbier from St. Louis, Missouri


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Ayinger Brau Weisse 16.9oz
Hefeweizen from Aying, Bavaria, Germany

94BTI 93WE 92BA

Hazy light gold color. Bright, attractive, fruity aromas of banana nut muffin, spiced nuts, and clay with a supple, bright, effervescent, off-dry light-to-medium body and a smooth, appealing, breezy grainy bread, banana custard, tall grass, and minerals finish. A delicious rich and grainy hefe.

94 points, Beverage Testing Institute (Jul 2015)

A perfect summer sipper, this is a classic representation of the hefeweizen style. It opens with the telltale hefe appearance—a cloudy, golden-orange color and a frothy, fluffy white head that looks like cloud-topped sunshine in a glass. Initial aromas of bready wheat and cereal grain are partnered with hints of banana, raw dough, lemon peel and yeasty spice. Those notes continue through to the smooth and slightly creamy mouthfeel, while medium carbonation helps to the palate bright and refreshing through the peppery finish. Merchant du Vin.

93 points, Wine Enthusiast (Jun 2016)

Hints of lemon and clove with a mild fruit in the backround. Crisp carbonation with a bite in the dry body that has a slight oily feeling from the solvent(clove) byproducts of the yeast. A slight tartness surrounds the tastebuds upfront with a sourdough like bready flavour in the finish. Hop character is minimal as it should be. Slight spicy clove, mellow yeast, lemon grass and light apple fruity flavours touch the tounge. Punchy with a flavourful kick, pushing the envelope on refreshingly crisp and dry. Great after a meal to help to digest ... or to wash down some bratwurst and spicy mustard.

92 points, BeerAdvocate (Apr 2002)


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Bass Pale Ale 12pk
English Pale Ale from Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom


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Bernard Bohemian Ale 4pk
Belgian Strong Pale Ale from Humpolec, Vysocina Region, Czech Republic


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Boddingtons Pub Ale 4pk Cans
English Pale Ale from Manchester, England, United Kingdom


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Unibroue Blanche De Chambly 4pk
Witbier from Chambly, Quebec, Canada

91BTI 90BA

Minutely hazy golden yellow color. Lively, citrusy, spicy aromas and flavors of citrus peels, coriander, herb muffin, and wintergreen with an even, vibrant, fizzy, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth, interesting, breezy radish sprouts, watercress, and minerals finish. A nice delicately spiced wit that is very refreshing and crushable.

91 points, Beverage Testing Institute (Mar 2016)

Light whiff of dehydrated fruit and sweet spices. Very crisp with a light to medium body, the crispness cradles the mild hop bitterness and the dry grain flavour. Soon after a peppery spiciness follows as well as a slight fruit flavour from the yeast. An underlying dried orange peel flavour lingers into the dry finish with some coriander. Part of the yeast was spilled into this sample ... it really added an other complexity to this brew. Not a bad White Ale to be had here, definitely closer to a Belgian White Ale than most American breweries have come. 5% abv.

90 points, BeerAdvocate (May 2002)


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The Chimay Blue Cap Grande Reserve 4pk
Belgian Strong Dark Ale from Chimay, Hainaut, Belgium


A tan thunderhead of foam rests atop this bronze ale. Smells of melon, flowers, fresh herbs; one of the most beguiling bouquets in beer. At 9% alcohol, almost wine-like. Opulent, sweet, honey-wheat flavors envelop the palate at entry, then at midpalate tastes of pears and peaches are added. Finishes sweet, ripe and fruity.

96-100 points, Wine Enthusiast (Mar 2003)


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The Chimay Red Cap Premiere 4pk
Dubbel from Chimay, Hainaut, Belgium


Raw sweetness, peppery spiciness and light phenols. Soft powdery mouth feel with a crisp carbonation and medium body. Smooth. Very evident clove flavour up front and stays around throughout the beer. Hints of birch and ginger beer-like flavours, peppery medcinal phenols and light herbal tea hop flavour. Quite malty but it stays in the back. Fruitiness is likened to a delicate date sweetness and ripe plum. As the beer warms, there's also a suggestion of chocolate/carob. Finish dries a little