Unibroue La Fin du Monde, Chambly (750ml)

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Country: Canada
Region: Quebec
Sub-Region: Chambly
Grape Varietal: Tripel
Review Score: 100BA
Alcohol By Volume: 9.0%

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Ripe sugary nectarines, a powdery yeast and a light phenolic clove and medicinal mix in the aroma. Alcoholic esters with a touch of solvent linger in the back of the nose. Peppery clove spiciness with a warming alcohol right behind it. Estery with a hint of solvent-like character in the high level of alcohol. Malt lays down some sweetness with a thick drying pale graininess, fruity flavours of mango and pear flash on the taste buds. Bitterness from the hops melds with the thick powdery yeast and bring the mouth to a slightly dry finish. Smooth and creamy with a medium to high carbonation. One of my favourite Belgian style pale strong ales, a bit over the top for some people and one that I respect by sipping through the night.

100 points, BeerAdvocate (Jan 2003)