Unibroue Maudite (750ml)

Belgian Strong Dark Ale from Chambly, Quebec, Canada
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Review Score: 100BA
Alcohol By Volume: 8.0%

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Bready, almost cake like malt aroma. Dollop of spice and ripe fruit with a well seen alcohol of esters and light solvent. Faint caramel malt, ripe pine apple fruitiness, and bold spices that is dominant of clove. Heavy side of phenols with a spicy sweet alcohol, touch herbal from the phenols also. Straight up hop bitterness is light compared to the other flavours but still seems to flavour and balance. Nearly excessively crisp, solid medium body with some slickness. Packed with flavour, this one does not hold back at all. Very expressive and the sheer complexity does it for me. I keep this one around to keep my taste buds in check.

100 points, BeerAdvocate (Jan 2003)