St. Bernardus Abt 12 Belgian Abbey Ale

Quadrupel from Watou, West Flanders, Belgium
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St. Bernardus Abt 12 Belgian Abbey Ale
Review Score: 100BA
Alcohol By Volume: 10.0%

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The glass is rimming with lace, hazed brown colour gives the appearance some depth. A spike of clove, layers of ripe fruit and malt sweetness are what the aroma is all about. Clove is certain to be the first flavour you taste as it rides the wave of sweetness, big brown sugar flavour with some cake like malty qualities. Some buttery and phenolic flavours shoot to the palate in the middle to make it a bit juicy. Some earth and carob flavours in the mix. Alcohol is a little evident, it hiding under the sweetness right behind the fruity flavour that soon flare into esters and mild solvent flavours. Finishes sweet and warming. Exceedingly smooth with a creamy full body after the smoothness moves through. I’d have no problem sipping this all night long. A heavenly abbey ale that goes down as one of the best for me.

100 points, BeerAdvocate (Jan 2003)