Navarre Vieille Reserve Grand Fine Champagne Cognac (750ml)

From Cognac, France


Stylistically, this is 18th-century Grand Fine Champagne Cognac. A blend of 50-year-old cognac by Jacky Navarre bottled at 90 proof. The Old Reserve is labeled as "Vieille Reserve." This is a time machine experience. Chances are, you have never experienced Cognac like this. Its tough enough to find 50-year-old Cognac, but Jacky transports you to another time when both proof and age were much higher numbers. Cellared riverside as was Bordeaux back then, humidities affect exchanges over the course of 50 years with the barrel, evaporation, and adds soul. Authentic to a previous time, but here now.

98 points, Bob Sprentall, B-21 Proprietor (Nov 2013) (100GPS)

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