La Muse Verte Absinthe (750ml)

From Arthez-d’Armagnac, Landes, France

The original family recipe from late 1800, with a historical alcohol volume of 68%. The only French absinthe made with fresh cut organic baby absinthe leaves (wormwood) grown on the property, which gives it this beautiful natural luminescent jade color. Each plant is steeped in neutral beet spirit and then artfully blended and lightly filtered. La Muse Verte contains no added sugar; the natural sugar comes from the beet spirit base. It contains no additives and is entirely natural.

La Muse Verte

...good purity, wonderful scent.... more in line with what I envision real absinthe to be...

Spirit Journal

97 points / Chairman's Trophy / Ultimate Recommendation (Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2013)

Opalescent light green. Delicate, subtle, complex. Anise candy, suave, fresh.

Distillery Notes

Alcohol By Volume: 68.0% (136 Proof)
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