He'Brew Genesis 20:20 Barrel Aged Tart Barleywine 22oz, Clifton Park

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Country: United States
Region: New York
Sub-Region: Clifton Park
Grape Varietal: American Barleywine
Alcohol By Volume: 16.7%

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GENESIS 20:20 DOESN’T EXIST. Chapter 20 stops at verse 18. Perhaps that’s a good thing. After the hellfire of Sodom and Gomorrah, whacked out incest with Lot by his daughters, and Abraham’s misguided “sister act” with his wife Sarah, a quick literary breather after the mythic tempests could be a healthy pause before beloved Isaac is born to 100 year old parents and Ishmael is banished in Chapter 21. Slight calm after epic storms and before many others to come. 20/20 is considered perfect vision, but for life, it’s often only in hindsight. 20 weeks pregnant is halfway to full gestation.

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