Gaspar's Scurvy Lime Rum (750ml)

From Tampa, Florida

Pirate’s water was a foul sludge, roiling in slime filled barrels lashed to the sweltering hulls of their ships. José Gaspar's crew preferred his far tastier rum, which with the addition of lime made for a remarkable drink that was much more pleasant to behold than the water available to the seafaring men of that age. Gaspar knew that a jovial crew be much better at plunderin'. And while this be a rugged pirate grog, the modern palate might recognize it to taste a bit like an amazing key lime pie. This glorious lime concoction of yesteryear is risen like a Phoenix with the help of the Scallywags at the…Tampa Bay Rum Company.

Distillery Notes

Alcohol By Volume: 40.0% (80 Proof)
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