Full Sail Session Premium Lager 6pk

American Pale Lager from Hood River, Oregon


Clean grass grain in the nose mild herbal hop as well. Very clean palate with a powdery, floury malt character. Soft oily hop is modest and a light yet balancing bitterness. Suggestions of white grape skin, mildly hay-like. Excellent rolling crispness, just enough body in a semi-dry beer. Not surprising that this is very drinkable ... the name says it all.

90 points, BeerAdvocate (Jul 2005)

This pours a brilliant light golden-yellow color in the glass, and opens with crisp aromas of fresh grass, softly toasted grains and mild citrusy hops that continue through the clean, brisk palate. The malty backbone provides weight, but high carbonation keeps the beer light and refreshing. An easy-drinking, sessionable -selection.

88 points, Wine Enthusiast (Jul 2014)

Alcohol By Volume: 5.1%
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