Founders Porter 6pk

American Porter from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Founders’ Porter fills the glass inky black and tops it with a thick, creamy tan head. Its fetching aroma is thick with roasted malt, dark chocolate and hints of toffee. Sliding across the tongue with a smooth mouthfeel, this beer delivers strong coffee notes with sweet chocolate and toffee accents. Robust roasted bitterness meets hop bitterness to counter the beer’s smooth sweetness, creating a balance that’s surprisingly delicate for such a bold porter. As dryness sets in, chocolate notes are all that remain of this flavorful treat.

95 points, Draft Magazine

Thick beading of tiny bubbles produces an amazing-looking head and sticky lacing; pitch-black color is saying it's a serious beer as well. Slightly burnt biscuit aroma is quickly followed by a sweeter mocha tone. A welcome hefty body here with just enough bubbles to get by. Slightly burnt choco maltiness has a firm grip on the taste buds. Hops give a quick sting of bitterness and an earthy flavor in the middle. Roastiness is well flexed and shows its range, from faint, smoky, charred wood to bitter dark chocolate to over-toasted bread. Some yeast and fruit in the end as well, as a sweetness lifts from the ashes. This Porter means business--one of the best robust Porters around.

94 points, BeerAdvocate (Mar 2011)

The bottle reads “dark, rich & sexy” and boy is it right. This is a fuller, weightier example of the style, with balanced but forward roasted coffee bean, bittersweet chocolate, licorice stick and smoky vanilla aromas and flavors. The mouthfeel is sheer decadence, smooth and creamy, with thick molasses and espresso grind accents on the close.

93 points, Wine Enthusiast (Feb 2011)

Alcohol By Volume: 6.5%
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