Forbidden Root Fernetic Imperial Black Ale 22oz, Chicago

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Country: United States
Region: Illinois
Sub-Region: Chicago
Grape Varietal: American Black Ale
Review Score: 100BA
Alcohol By Volume: 8.4%

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I had the pleasure to taste Fernetic (several times) at our Extreme Beer Fest last month in Boston. Its herbal aromatics immediately reminded me of a fernet and were artfully layered with mint, rhubarb root, roasted malts, and anise. I literally got lost in the nose. Then the creaminess of the beer and its tight carbonation lifted flavors of dried wood, earth, spice, bitter grass, medicinal tonic-like qualities, a long pepperiness, floral notes, and deep cola suggestions to the forefront. Many of the aromas and flavors could be described as gin-like (as they’re also used in gin), and the malty richness provided a deep backbone. Although a robust and somewhat chaotic beer, the balance of ingredients brought a surprising drinkability. I could literally see myself sipping Fernetic throughout the day.

100 points, Todd Alström, BeerAdvocate (Apr 2017)