Bear Republic Racer 5 India Pale Ale 6pk, Healdsburg

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Bear Republic Racer 5 India Pale Ale 6pk
Country: United States
Region: California
Sub-Region: Healdsburg
Grape Varietal: American IPA
Review Score: 96DM, 94BA
Alcohol By Volume: 7.5%

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This beer might be a fish out of water -- the very popular American IPA is brewed in the heart of wine country -- but it’s certainly one of the best in its class. Racer 5 is pale gold with a rocky, milky white head. The aroma is an abundant bouquet of grapefruit skin, flowery, and peppery scents. Exceptionally balanced yet aggressively bitter, the flavor rushes the tongue with a powerful hit of bready malt sweetness and dry grains that quickly pilots into the hops’ grapefruit and pine flavors. This brew typifies the American IPA style, complete with a medium body and long-lasting hop flavors.

96 points, Draft Magazine

Clean and fresh citrusy hop aroma, hop oil and a pungent coarseness show the bucket loads of hops they used. Light estery alcohol, toasted malt lay meekly underneath the hops. Nice hard slap of hop to begin with, the pungent bitterness lingers on and on. Lots of hop flavour and a soothing bottle conditioned smoothness that can?t be beat! The maltiness is muscular but laid back with a biscuity flavour throughout. Mild presence for what the alcohol should show though it does warm the body after a while. This is one of those Hop-o-licious brews. Sock it to me baby ? I love those hops and keep them coming. Paired this one up with a bowl of secret Mexican Surprise Casserole ? delicious!

94 points, BeerAdvocate (Oct 2003)