Axia Mastiha (750ml)

From Greece

Axia Mastiha

Axia is a refreshing, extra-dry Mastiha spirit that mixes ancient tradition with provocative new ideas and processes. The clear spirit is distilled from the resin of the Mastic tree farmed in groves on the Greek island of Chios. The resin oozes from the tree’s branches and is left to dry in the wind like crystal teardrops. The crystals are then harvested, cleaned by hand and shipped to the Plomari distillery nearby. Here they are twice distilled in a process that combines the age-old art of the hand-crafted copper still with the cutting-edge science of the Master Distiller and her team. The end result is a premium, unsweetened 40% ABV spirit, with velvety flavour notes of bergamot and cypress and a fragrant, rose aroma.

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