2019 I Pastini Minutolo Rampone (750ml)

Minutolo from Valle d’Itria, Puglia, Italy

The Rampone is a pure Minutolo, made from grapes grown in a restricted area of the Itria Valley. Called Minutolo for the berries small and fragile that make up the cluster, is also mistakenly called "Fiano" Minutolo, but it differs from Fiano d'Avellino both the form of the berries for the taste and flavors. Almost completely lost in the past, has been rediscovered in the present, grown and produced to enhance its potential which not only have been helped by the skilled hands of the company "I Pastini", but also from the territory in which it is grown. This area is more suitable than other due to temperature where the vineyards are located, the altitude of the vineyards and exposure to wind and sun when the screws are . The Rampone expresses its personality with a nice straw filled with greenish hues of bright vivacity. Intense scents, the Minutolo, impresses with its spicy aroma with delicate fragrances of flowers and exotic fruits. Fresh, balanced and with a good acidity, it almost overwhelmingly conquer the taste buds imposing its presence through the support of minerals inherited from the chalky soils where it is grown. The Rampone is proposed as a white wine almost made especially for seafood cooked or raw, roasted and boiled fish, shellfish.

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