2019 Domaine Skouras Moscofilero (750ml)

Moschofilero from Peloponnese, Greece

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B-21's move to Tarpon Springs in 1966 discovered a significant Greek settlement. They began migrating to our coastal town at the turn of the 20th century to harvest sponge, a Greek island heritage dating back to the ancient Egyptians five thousand years ago. A sponge blight in the Mediterranean had challenged the world's supply. Sitting on the continental shelf off western Florida was a vast virgin sponge forest. Only those of the Dodecanese Islands had the harvesting skills, and so they came. Within twenty years, Tarpon Springs had become "The Sponge Capital of the World." Spongers in from sea, Ouzo and Retsina poured at the local tavernas.

Today, a new generation of inspired Greeks have created world demand from another natural resource. These winemakers have fashioned never heard of ancient indigenous varietals from the Greek mainland and the Aegean into a wine revolution. Demand for Greek whites is soaring, wines such as Malagousia, Moschofilero and Assyrtiko. Malagousia is a particularly aromatic grape with exotic fruits, citrus, jasmine and mint with a viscous palate and medium acidity. Moschofilero is a light pink-skinned grape that produces lively, crisp wines with intense fragrances. Assyrtiko is native to the Aegean Islands and in particular Santorini. Assyrtiko is amoung the great white wines of the world, with excellent acidity, minerality and superb length. All super wines we highly recommend – you'll soak 'em up like a sponge.


The 2019 Moscofilero (as Skouras spells it) comes in with four grams of residual sugar, 6.1 grams of total acidity and 12% alcohol. This is, of course, from a high-altitude area—the vines are 650 meters above sea level. Dimitris Skouras said that in 2019 the "summer was dry and relatively hot.... September was colder with a lot of sunshine, which helped the maturity of Moscofilero. Harvest started the 1st of October and was shortly paused because of a rain (4th of October). The general excellent conditions formed very healthy grapes producing high acid, more concentrated, more full-bodied Moscofileros. One of the very best vintages we have seen." This is now under the Arcadia appellation.

89 points, Mark Squires, Wine Advocate (Issue # 249 - Jun 2020)

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