2016 Amalaya Blanco (750ml)

Torrontes from Salta, Argentina


Salta is very dry, but 2016 was exceptionally dry and they didn't see more than 75 liters of rain, which was compensated by late ripening, but they are harvesting earlier to get fresher wines and lower alcohol levels. The 2016 Amalaya Blanco is an unusual blend of Torrontés with some 15% Riesling from a young vineyard, and the grapes were harvested quite early. It fermented with neutral yeasts at a low temperature to keep the aromas and it didn't go through malolactic fermentation, bottled after one month in tank. This is a young and fruit-driven white, sharp and aromatic, with only 13% alcohol—which for Salta is quite low. The Riesling was harvested at only 11%, which lent some herbal aromas and great acidity. In 2016, they got their first Riesling grapes from a new parral vineyard in Cafayate, but they still purchased some grapes. The notes of the Torrontés are not overpowering, there are hints of jasmine and talcum powder, with some green lemon and fennel aromas. It's clean, pungent and sharp, really refreshing. Putting it in my mouth made me salivate and think about the empanadas from Salta... A superb aperitif wine and superb value, too! 192,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in June 2016, when in the northern hemisphere, the 2016 harvest had not yet started. 2016 looks like a very good year for the Salta whites...

89 points, Wine Advocate (Issue # 228 - Dec 2016)

Alcohol By Volume: 13.0%
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