2003 De Lisio Shiraz (750ml)

Shiraz from McLaren Vale, Australia

De Lisio's talents lie in the vineyard and his connection to other immigrants in the region gave him access to some of the best fruit in the district which happen to meet the classic Epicurean Wines criteria; phenomenal raw materials transformed into wines that are jam-packed with intensity. The top sub-regions of McLaren Vale are sourced to create his masterful wines. 10-40 year-old Shiraz from the Seaview Hills and Clarendon, 50-80 year-old, dry-grown Grenache from Blewitt Springs and Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot from a handful of small growers in McLaren Vale. De Lisio is known for the passion and intensity in his wines.

Importer Notes

Alcohol By Volume: 16.4%
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