Writers' Tears Double Oak Irish Whiskey (750ml)

From Ireland

94WHA #10 Top 20

This blend of single malt and pot still whiskeys exhibits the incredible synergy between chocolate, cinnamon, and pot still spices. Vinous at times from partial cognac-cask maturation, this has aromas of dark berry fruit, cinnamon, fudge, milk chocolate, malt biscuits, jellied fruit, and a smudge of dry spices. Compelling, well-structured whiskey, with cinnamon, chocolate, dark toffee, pepper, and ginger. It’s never cloying, nor overly sweet, just a richly rewarding glass.

94 points, Jonny McCormick, Whisky Advocate (Fall 2019)

#10 - Whisky Advocate Top 20 Whiskies of 2019

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