Negra Modelo 6pk, Mexico City

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Negra Modelo 6pk
# BINEG95785
Country: Mexico
Region: Mexico
Sub-Region: Mexico City
Grape Varietal: Vienna Lager
Review Score: 87DM
Alcohol By Volume: 5.3%

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Most Americans think Negra Modelo is simply a heavier Mexican beer; they don't realize that this beer largely defined the Vienna lager style for many years before craft brewers in the States honed in on it. Negra, as it is commonly known, is the best-selling "dark beer" in Mexico. In reality, it isn't terribly dark, but it does have a distinct amber coloring and a creamy, light tan head. Its aroma consists mosetly of sweeter, dark malt scents with just a hint of fruit coming through. Candy flavors and a slight toastiness are most prevalent in the mouth of this brew. There are some adjunct flavors which detract slightly, but its smooth character is pleasant, making this a fine Mexican lager.

87 points, Draft Magazine