Lady Bligh Spiced Rum (1.75L)

From St. Louis, Missouri

The Lady, Miss Bligh, The Bitch... I’ve been called everything in the book. It still doesn’t change the fact that most people just plain love me. I’ve been described as everything you want in a woman, all rolled into one… Poised and smooth on the outside, but spirited and untamed on the inside; sweet and spicy at the same time; your worst nightmare and best fantasy; a Lady on the street, but a freak in the... you get the picture. My Authentic Spiced Rum is boldly blended with the perfect combination of spices and natural flavors. Pre-party, house party, pool party – I’ve got your back… as long as I know that you’ve got mine, too. I could just simply be delicious, but that would be too easy. That’s why they call me Deliciously Sly.

Distillery Notes

Alcohol By Volume: 36.3% (72.6 Proof)
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