Huyghe Delirium Tremens 4pk

Belgian Strong Pale Ale from Melle, East Flanders, Belgium


Bright yellowish hue, good lace effect that holds most of the way. Sweet and phenolic aroma and flavour, peppery and fruity on a moderate body. Faint refined honey-like malt flavours mingle with the reserved yet concrete hop bitterness. Drying finish shows the alcoholic esters as well as some solvent higher alcohols that seem to leave as quick as they came in. A deceiving treat, as it will catch up on you if you don’t watch out, deceiving alcohols come through the back.

90 points, BeerAdvocate (Nov 2002)

Dressed in pink elephants, Delirium’s bottle pays homage to a time when these mammoths were associated with drunkenness (appropriate, considering this beer’s loaded with alcohol). Delirium pours pale gold beneath a puffy head that slowly dissipates. Nosing this brew doesn’t summon an aroma as clean or powerful as other versions, but pear and lemon hop scents do manage to pull away from the sticky alcohol notes. Sturdy and big, the swallow kicks off with heavy sugary sweetness and syrupy orange and pear notes, before a countering hop kick grips the sides of the tongue and leaves behind a peppery, floral taste. Loaded with sweetness and alcohol, Delirium is an excellent introduction to the power behind this Belgian style.

89 points, Draft Magazine

Alcohol By Volume: 8.5%
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