Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA 6pk

American Double / Imperial IPA from Milton, Delaware


Fresh hop aroma, very oily with herbal and piney notes. Ripe fruity esters and some sweet malt in the back. This beer is so juicy, what a hop punch it has. Lots of bitterness and a ton of hop oil flavor from front to back. Very smooth with a thick malty body. Nice cake like maltiness in the middle with a ripe fruit and alcoholic kick in the end, finishes a little sweet with lingering bitter hop tones. An exceptional example of an American Double IPA, no worries about getting my hop fix here.

96 points, BeerAdvocate (Feb 2004)

This beer has been hailed as the best IPA in America, so we thought we had better give it a try. In addition to the raisin and plum notes in the nose, the strong resin character and deep amber color are a dead giveaway that this beer is going to be a full experience. It might not be a beginner's brew, but if you know what to expect, this Dogfish Head IPA is incredible. Amazingly smooth for such a strong brew, this IPA has impressions of sherry and cognac with a strong hop flavor and bitterness. Enjoy it responsibly, but enjoy it often.

95 points, Draft Magazine

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