Delirium Nocturnum (750ml)

Belgian Strong Pale Ale from Melle, East Flanders, Belgium


Inviting dark colour with good lacing, big fruity and alcoholic aroma. Smooth and creamy on the palate with a mellow up front sweetness, mild apple like tartness and a mix of medicinal herb, spicy alcohol and slight grain in the dry finish. This is one Belgian that I'll be going back to for sure.

94 points, BeerAdvocate (Jun 2002)

Nocturnum’s aroma isn’t nearly as fleeting as its off-white head: Banana and mango sweeten wafts of toasted bread that grab the nose. Above a bready base, bubblegum flavors and hints of pineapple and banana stretch out alongside peppery spice. Subtle licorice emerges mid-sip, balancing the beer’s overt fruitiness, and combine with the pepper and a bitter bite to punctuate the finish. Fruit and spice stick around long after the swallow, making this beer an excellent showcase of Belgian yeast.

93 points, Draft Magazine

Alcohol By Volume: 8.5%
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