Wittekerke Belgian White Ale 6pk

Witbier from Harelbeke, West Flanders, Belgium
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Wittekerke Belgian White Ale 6pk
Review Score: 88DM
Alcohol By Volume: 5.0%

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In the States, this Belgian white ale is most commonly sold in canse, so it's ultraportable for trips into the wild. It pours cloudy and straw-hued with a firm, off-white head. A soft bouquet unleashes grainy aromas and peppery, floral hop scents, while the taste begins with a simply sweet, wheaty cereal flavor, followed by nutmeg and coriander notes. While the beer is light, it has a slightly chewy texture from the suspended yeast and proteins. With very little alcohol and an effervescent carbonation, this beer finishes dry and very clean.

88 points, Draft Magazine