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We've worked with Kermit Lynch since I tried the '78 Chateauneuf-du Pape Kermit brought in; that one with the odd name: Vieux Telegraphe. Lynch has been one of B-21's most reliable sources for the best of France for the past thirty years. More recently, the Wall Street Journal proclaimed that a wine imported by Kermit Lynch was as good a guarantee as one could find. That sounds swell, but the discovery of the great wines of France began 40+ years ago for Kermit. His search provides a glimpse into the world of wine as it was for generations. He decoded the DNA of French wine, its history of place and purpose. This sale provides an ample opportunity to explore the countryside with Kermit. Enjoy the journeys from Bandol to Bourgueil or Loire to Languedoc. - Bob Sprentall, Proprietor
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