North Coast PranQster Belgian Style Golden Ale 4pk

Belgian Strong Pale Ale from Fort Bragg, California


Horsy, animal smell (a common Belgian yeast trait) with notes of dry malts. Definitely spiced, with coriander most likely. Sweet malt, then the spice, turning a tad grainy. A warming alcohol is present and hides perfectly amongst the malty mouth-feel. You can feel its 6.9% abv strength, yet it is highly drinkable. Finishes sweet. For a lighter coloured Belgian style ale, this kicks the dregs out of Duvel. More character and complexity than their exports could ever dream of. So if you like Duvel, or similar, you will be in bliss with this brew.

100 points, BeerAdvocate (Jun 1998)

Light pear and banana scents brighten soft white pepper spice as big, gorgeous bubbles pop in the glass. Smooth, creamy malts traverse the tongue, carrying tart lemon, delicate pear and subtle clove. Light bread and floral flavors arise in the middle of the vibrant swallow and join the lemon for a tingly ride to the back of the mouth. Carbonation and warming alcohol gently dry the mouth as a placid warmth grows deep in the chest.

98 points, Draft Magazine

Alcohol By Volume: 7.6%
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