Marlin and Barrel Blossom Grapefruitcello (750ml)

From Fernandina Beach, Florida

60 proof. Fresh from Florida, Hand zested grapefruits, infused, small batch, sugar cane based Grapefruitcello. A sensual rush of fresh Florida grapefruits on the nose, during entry, middle and finish. Silky smooth with no burn. While sweet, the sugar is lowered compared to traditional cellos to allow for the essence of grapefruit to be more pronounced and not covered by a stickily texture. Simply the best grapefruit liqueur in Florida. Best sipped straight from the freezer, on the rocks or used in your favorite gin, tequila or vodka cocktails, or over any carbonated beverage—including the mimosa.

Distillery Notes

Alcohol By Volume: 30.0% (60 Proof)
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