Kostritzer Schwarzbier Black Lager 4pk Cans, Bad Kostritz

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Kostritzer Schwarzbier Black Lager 4pk Cans
Country: Germany
Region: Thuringia
Sub-Region: Bad Kostritz
Grape Varietal: Schwarzbier
Review Score: 94BA, 94DM
Alcohol By Volume: 4.8%

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High smoothness with a deep medium level carbonation, hints of dark bread like a pumpernickel or whole grain is layered thick on the taste buds. Hop bitterness is mild with a bitterness that holds its own for balancing the beer. Mild roasted malt character with hints of carob, chicory and bread crust. Malt sweetness is there but stay to a minimum and does not go to a cloying level at all. Alcohol is meek and barely noticeable, slightly dry finish is doused with a clean graininess and hints of spicy hop. I like this beer a lot, not just because this is one of my favourite style but because it keeps it real with flavours that are a bit complex yet not to the point of taking away from actually putting one down if not a few. A damn good pick for the style.

94 points, BeerAdvocate (Jul 2002)

Köstritzer is one of only a few breweries in the world that has crafted this beer style for more than 450 years. It pours a very dark shade of brown with ruby highlights and a massive, stunningly frothy head. The aroma is a knockout, with rich, caramelized malt sweetness and gentle alcohol presence. Köstritzer's flavor grabs the tongue with strong caramel sweetness and lightly toasted grains. Hops hum in the background adding quiet pepper flavor and bitterness. This medium-bodied brew has soft carbonation and a dry finish, which allows the slightly roasted malts to stick around well after the last swallow.

94 points, Draft Magazine