Florida CANE Vodka, Tampa (750ml)

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Country: United States
Region: Florida
Sub-Region: Tampa
Alcohol By Volume: 40.0% (80 Proof)

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Quite simply, it’s the smoothest vodka available. Florida CANE Vodka is a small batch spirit made from South Florida Sugar Cane and all of the flavored variations are inspired by local flavors. Made in our 50 gallon reflux-column, the real secret is not in the straight forward mash bill, or high-quality proprietary yeast strain. The smooth flavor can be attributed to the time consuming process of dripping all of the finished distillate through a custom built charcoal filtration system. Over a two-week period, every drop passes over 90 feet of activated carbon made from coconut husks that strips out unwanted sweet esters and other bitter compounds. The end result is an award winning, crisp and clean spirit.

Distillery Notes