Dewar's Signature Blended Scotch, Aberfeldy (750ml)

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Country: Scotland
Region: Highlands
Sub-Region: Aberfeldy
Review Score: 90-95WE, 93BTI, 92WHA

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Biscuity, almost doughy in the initial sniffings; later sniffings uncover elegant aromas of lightly toasted bread, almond paste and sweet malt, with traces of peat and cigar smoke. Palate entry is dry, grainy and lightly smoked; the midpalate is sap-like, alluringly sweet, woodsy and honeyed. Finishes medium-long and toasty. Core malt hails from the Central Highlands distillery, Aberfeldy. Terrific job of blending magic.

90-95 points, Wine Enthusiast (Feb 2004)

Pale amber color. Lovely aromas of spicy dried fruit chutney, toffee, and honeyed pastry with a satiny fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a cascading wave of spice, nut, grain, and mossy earth notes on the long gentle warming finish. An excellently structured and elegantly flavorful blend.

93 points, Beverage Testing Institute (May 2012)

Johnnie Walker Blue, meet Dewar’s Signature. Signature is Dewar’s introduction into the ultra-premium blended scotch category. Like Johnnie Walker Blue, Signature bears no age statement, but I’m told that a 27 year old Aberfeldy is the heart of the blend. The first release consists only of 1,000 individually numbered bottles, and they’re only available in New York City. I’m always a little skeptical of very expensive blends that come in fancy packages. There are some very good, reasonably priced blends in the 10-20 year old range, and the expensive ones are often only marginally better, if that. But I like this whisky a whole lot better than the standard Dewar’s White Label, and it is also superior to Dewar’s 12 year old-a whisky which I find to be quite enjoyable. While maintaining the Dewar’s profile-nicely balanced-this whisky offers greater depth, maturity, and complexity without being too woody-a creamy, malty foundation makes sure of that. The whisky expresses a rich, honeyed maltiness which combines nicely with notes of golden raisins, vanilla, caramel, and crème brûlée, with just a hint of spicy oak notes for complexity. Signature is a different style when compared to Johnnie Walker Blue-it’s more elegant and bashful-but, like Blue, I put Signature on my short list of the finest blends on the market.

92 points, Whisky Advocate (Vol. 13, #2)