Coppertail Brewing Winston Sheffield IPA 4pk Cans

English IPA from Tampa, Florida

Coppertail Sighting? Malaria to blame? The latest dispatches arriving from Sir Winston Sheffield’s Congo expedition may be the work of a fevered brain. In shaky handwriting on smudged and blackened pages Sheffield claims to have finally sighted the infamous cryptid, Coppertail - on dry land no less - only to suffer some strange misfortune as he raised his Willougby Mark 11 into firing position. “Snakes! My firearm was infested with them. Elephants, zebras, Hyenas – every manner of wild beast swarmed upon me each time I took aim at my quarry. I squeezed off a shot – a tremendous flash of light, and I awoke on the ground, hair smoldering, face singed, weapon in pieces. There were snakes, I tell you.”

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