2018 Henri Gouges Rouge (375ml)

Pinot Noir from Nuits-St-Georges, Burgundy, France

2018 Henri Gouges Rouge
B-21 Top Recommendation
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The creation of Domaine Henri Gouges was the culmination of 400 years of family grape farmers. It is for many the top domaine in Nuits-Saint-Georges. Henri formed the domaine in 1920 but was soon discouraged with selling the fruit to négociants. He envisioned a better quality wine, and by 1933, he was producing, bottling, and selling directly to consumers. He, along with the Marquis d’Angerville from Volnay, was at the forefront of battles against fraud in Burgundy in the 1920s. In the 1930s, Monsieur Gouges was one of the people charged with the job of delineating the crus in Burgundy for the Institut National d’Appellation d’Origine, and he was a member of that regulatory body at its outset. Since the beginning, the domaine has remained an undivided family property. In 1967 Henri’s two sons, Michel and Marcel, succeeded him and added to the holdings of the estate. Each of them handed leadership over to one of their sons to bring the domaine to the next stage. Pierre and Christian began the modernization of the vineyards and the winery, which they have now turned over to Pierre’s son, Gregory, and his cousin, Antoine. While the house style has evolved, the main focus is the better reflection of the terroir in the fruit through organic viticulture. They believe that healthy vines produce quality fruit and thus more expressive terroir-driven wines.

This bottling consists of an assembly of seven plots, Les Plateau, Les Crots, Les Belles Croix, Les Fleurieres, Les Brulees and Les Chaliots covering an area of about 7.5 acres. The majority of these parcels are located South of Nuits Saint Georges on the hillside with deep soils, a mixture of clay, alluvium and limestone pebbles. Only Le Crots is located at the top of the hill on thin calcareous Brown soil. This wine is straight forward and generous and requires only a few years before tasting, which is when it will unveil its true potential.

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