2015 Cappellano Barolo Pie Rupestris (1.5L)

Nebbiolo from Barolo, Piedmont, Italy

2015 Cappellano Barolo Pie Rupestris

100% Serralunga in its character - a paradigmatic wine thanks to its severe and authoritative tone, with an austere but also generous and sharing manner - as well as in the organoleptic characteristics: liquorice, juniper, tar, balsamic notes, spices and undergrowth are just the most recognisable and typical expressions of an aromatic patrimony which sketches, year after year, a veritable narration of the land. This is made authentic and trustworthy by our unequivocally natural choices and by an attitude alien to mediation. A narration which changes and evolves in time, under the sign of longevity and tradition.

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