Cles des Ducs Napoleon Armagnac Cognac, Panjas (750ml)

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Cles des Ducs Napoleon Armagnac Cognac
Region: Gers
Sub-Region: Panjas

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This Armagnac, composed of older "eau di vie", is more complex and mellow, with richness and depth coming from its interactions with the oak in which it ages. This Napoleon has a weighted average blend of 11 years. Cles des Ducs meaning "The Key of the Dukes" in France is distilled more slowly than other French brandies and cognacs, which results in a fruiter, more fragrant and flavorful product. All are produced 100% from grapes grown in the Bas-Armagnac region, and aged in limousin oak for longer that most other Armagnac's of comparable grade.

Distillery Notes